To Do On Farm

Guests staying at Gilfach Wen not only  have an under cover BBQ area,   and a garden with a fire pit but are also allocated a field to play in.  –   Usually it is the field adjacent to the bunkhouse garden,  but depending on work around the farm this may change occasionally.    This is a hill farm,  so none of the fields are flat,  and all the fields are grazed in rotation which means the length of grass will depend on when that field was last grazed and guests are asked to not take anything into the fields which could cause harm to the animals when they are grazing the field.

In the past guests have organised both formal and informal games in the field,  from cricket and rounders to hiring giant inflatables.

Sometimes the property is hired by reenactment groups,   live play gamers such as dungeon and dragons event organisers and paint ball companies.  –  I am happy to work with any such group to put together a package which includes use of a range of fields with a condition that the group must clear up after themselves so that nothing is left which could harm wildlife or farm animals.

Gilfach Wen is a working farm,   it is not a petting zoo.  –   I do not keep animals in pens for the entertainment of guests.    There are tourist attractions which are petting farms  in South West Wales which have invested considerable time and resources into making them safe places for visitors and the animals on display and the charges for admission to such attractions reflect the costs involved.   These businesses are listed on the To Do pages.

Every year despite experienced farmers and their families knowing the dangers of farming people are killed and injured on farms.  For the safety of guests they are not allowed to enter the farm yard or farm buildings,  or roam around the farm.   There are no public rights of way across any of the farm land.   There are recommendations for options for local walks on the to do locally  page,  both links to recommended trails and maps to help you make the most of the open access land this area is famous for.