House Rules

1.  NO SMOKING or CANDLES are allowed in the bunkhouse or any other buildings on the farm.

2.  NO FIREWORKS on the farm.

3.  Dogs are welcome, All dogs to be on a lead at all times when outside the building even when going to and from the car.

There are chickens and farm cats roaming around the farm yard and sheep,  chickens and horses in the fields adjacent to the bunkhouse. Guest’s dogs have killed chickens and farm cats and sheep in the past, and just a dog jumping at the fence or gate could cause a sheep to miscarry. In the interests of fairness and the safety of the animals in my care, there are no exceptions. If a dog is found off its lead it and its owner will be asked to leave immediately.

Visitors with dogs are requested to not leave them alone in the building unless in a dog crate and to clear up after them in the garden or if taking them for a walk on the property even in the fields. There is a parasite dogs carry which is fatal to sheep which is not covered by standard wormers.

4. It is advisable that the visitor takes out their own holiday insurance cover.

5. Gilfach Wen is a working farm, for their own safety visitors may not  wander around the farm or go into the farm buildings without permission.  Booking of Gilfach Wen Barn entitles guests to use the holiday let, private garden for the holiday let and car park.

The sheep at Gilfach Wen are a rare breed which have been trained to come when called. I will be happy to talk to guests about the animals, but ask that visitors do not try to feed any animals at other times.

6.  Firepit A firepit and seating is provided in the garden, guests are welcome to use these, but all fires must be contained within the burner provided.

7. Playing amplified music outside. Guests are welcome to play music in the garden during daylight hours. After dark guests using music systems and karaoke systems are asked to move them into the house, with the doors closed you can make as much noise throughout the night as you like without disturbing neighbours.

8. Fire doors  All bedroom doors, the doors from the lounge and kitchen to the stairs and the door from the dining room to the front door are all fire doors with automatic closures.    Guests must not wedge these doors open.

9. Additional guests.   I retain the right to enter the property and check on the number of people present, and to require additional people who have not paid for accommodation to leave.

10.   Unacceptable behaviour.  I reserve the right to require any individual who is aggressive to staff,  myself,  put the animals on the farm in danger or where I am concerned about them causing excessive damage to the property to leave the property immediately.

11.  Show respect to other guests. For the benefit of others it is expected that you will keep the place reasonably tidy, wash up and put your own gear away as you go along and clear your own litter into the bins provided. Please leave the kitchen and toilet areas as you would wish to find them and do not disturb bunks other than your own.

12. Upon vacation of the barn, please leave it bunkhouse clean and tidy using the cleaning products provided and inform me of any damage or breakages.

13. Recycling facilities are provided. Guests are expected to recycle where possible and will be provided with one ‘black’ rubbish bag per week for landfill.

Booking use of the barn indicates acceptance of these conditions.