Outdoor space

Guests staying at Gilfach Wen Barn have an under cover BBQ area,  containing a charcoal BBQ  and pizza oven.  Guests need to bring their own charcoal with them.



The garden has a fire pit with log burner and seating around it.   Guests are provided with logs and kindling.


One of the current additions to the facilities I am preparing is an increase in the size of the garden to make space for additional benches and chairs.


Guests are provided with a field to play in.  Normally it is the field next to garden,  however depending on the work around the farm this may be varied.   As Gilfach Wen is a hill farm  none of the fields are flat.  The length of grass in the fields will vary depending on the grazing program.


If guests have a special interest such as role playing,  or paint ball and need access to a larger area of the farm,  that can be arranged with advance notice.


Because this is a working farm,  not a petting zoo,   none of the animals are kept in pens for people to stroke or feed.   The sheep,   horses,   and chickens (in their chicken tractors)   are out in the fields grazing,  including the fields encircling the barn.   There are petting zoos in the area that I can provide you with the contact details,  opening hours and admission fees if you are looking for a petting zoo experience.

You may encounter in the car park or garden of the bunkhouse the domestic animals that live on the farm.   The 2 farm (collie) dogs or  2 farm cats.