Access Statement

Limited mobility

The car park is level and there is space to park near the front door.

The entrance to the building is level and all downstairs doorways are suitable for access with a wheelchair.

There is a downstairs bedroom with plenty of space for wheelchairs by the side of the beds,  it is a room with bunkbeds.

There is a downstairs shower and toilet laid out as a ‘wet room’.    In the shower there is a folding seat and the shower controls can be reached while sitting. The toilet has support bars on either side. –  The manufacturers weight limit for the support bars and shower seat is 100 kg.

One bathroom is equipped for wheelchair users.
One shower room is equipped for wheel chair users

The kitchen and kitchen sinks are not wheelchair friendly.  However,  all the power points in the dinning room are at appropriate heights so alternative arrangements could be put in place on request.

The garden includes level areas accessed via a ramp.

Colour scheme

The walls, floor and doorways are distinctively different colour schemes in every room.

Mobile phone coverage

Mobile coverage in the general area is dependant on the network you are registered with. There is a Vodafone transmitter across the valley giving good reception all around the farm.   However the coverage on other networks is patchy.


Facilities for people on the Autistic spectrum.

I am an Aspie,   and a number of family members are on the spectrum.   If you have any special requests to accommodate the needs of members of the group who are Neurodiverse please let me know.


Places to visit

If you need assistance in locating suitable walks and attractions or pubs which cater for guests with limited mobility or other disabilities please ask for my assistance.   If I don’t know the answer I do not mind searching for the information you need.