The kitchen at Gilfach Wen Barn is fully equipped to cater for large groups.   It doesn’t matter if you prefer to :-

Use both of the two cookers to prepare a 3 course meal for your extended family.

Use large saucepans to cook the standard “spag bowl”

Cater for a party with multiple pizzas and nibbles

Cook a big fried breakfast

Or even set up multiple slow cookers with meals ready for when you get in from a day out in the forest or on the beach

There are two large fridges,   and a small chest fridge which doubles as a short term freezer for the occasional tub of ice cream or ice cubes.

Normally I provide enough plates,   cutlery,  bowls,  glasses and mugs for a group of 32 people.   –  To enable me to respond to disinfect all the contents of the kitchen cupboards between groups I will reduce this to a set for the size of each group,   packing the rest away.

.Photo of kitchen