Recycling and Rubbish

It may seem strange sending out information on the rubbish system, in advance of guests arriving, but in my experience this is one of the problem areas.

I understand that each county council has a different system for recycling and rubbish collection.

The Welsh Government is very proud of being the only country in the EU which meets the agreed recycling targets, it does this by imposing strict financial penalties on any county which does not meet the targets. – So Carmarthenshire County Council enforce their recycling policies by not collecting rubbish that does not meet them, and not providing alternative locations to dispose of rubbish.

I have tried explaining the system to the group leader, having notice in the building and stepping in to explain the system again if I see guests making mistakes, but still there are times at check out when groups ask with a sheepish smile if I can’t just sort out the problem that they have brought a roll of black bags with them and not bothered to use the recycling facilities.

So now I feel its in everyone’s interest to make it exceptionally clear at the start. There are only 2 options if Carmarthenshire County Councils systems are not followed the rubbish generated (which can run to many sacks) will either have to taken home by the members of the group, or the group will have to pay for a skip hire which in October 2017 started at £110 plus VAT.

Having to open up rubbish sacks at the end of the stay to sort them, or make space in their cars to take them home is not a pleasant experience for guests so its best to make sure that everyone in the group knows the system from the start of your stay and puts their rubbish into the correct bin.

In Wales the targets for recycling are higher than in England. – Carmarthenshire County Council allow a maximum of ONE BLACK RUBBISH BAG FOR LANDFILL EVERY WEEK from each property.

BLACK BAGS are ONLY for nappies, female sanitary products, broken glass (suitability wrapped), or anything which would be a hazard at a recycling centre. Other bins are provided for food waste, bottles and all paper, cardboard, cans, and plastic.

ALL paper, cardboard, plastic, cans go in the blue bags. A roll of these are provided and there is no limit on the number of these bags that can be collected. No Food Waste, or Glass goes in these bags, any food wrappers to be washed before putting in the bag.

Empty washed out glass goes in the crates. No broken glass please as I have transport these to a bottle bank centre and put each bottle out of the crate into the bottle banks by hand.

I provide a small flip top bin for veg peelings, bread, rice and pasta which I will take away and feed to the chickens. Cooked meat with bones goes in the green food caddy. Please only put compostable food waste in the compost bin, no cooked food, plastic, or paper.