How Items work.

The front door has a key code lock on it, so that there is no need for guests to organise who has door keys.

There is WiFi available, the network is Gilfach-Wen-Network.

The central heating is under floor heating with a thermostat in each room. This controls the temperature the system will aim to bring the room up to, however, under floor heating works by raising the heat in the structure of the building which then spreads it evenly within the room. Drafts, such as those caused by having windows open will lower the temperature faster than the heating can raise it, despite the boiler going into overdrive. If a room is too warm, please remember to turn the thermostat down before opening the window. In summer the central heating is turned off because most groups spend their days and evenings outside, in spring and autumn the heating is on briefly in the morning and late evening, if you are cold let me know and I will change the timing of the heating system.

The radiator in the drying room will not get warm if the central heating is on. It is connected to the log fire in the lounge as a safety feature in case of a power cut. If the pumps are not able to circulate the hot water generated by the fire the radiator provides somewhere for the heat to go, preventing the system from overheating.

There is an extractor fan in the kitchen with the switch by the window. I recommend that you use this to prevent false alarms with the fire system. The sensor in the kitchen is triggered by heat not smoke, but it is still possible to cause it to trigger if you are cooking a large meal and do not use the extractor fan. (Sorry about the noise levels, fire brigade require at least one detector/ sounder in every room and they are all linked.) If something does trigger it, and you are sure its a false alarm, you can use the switch at the bottom of the stairs to shut up all but the alarm which has triggered to help find the problem.