House Rules

House Rules

NO SMOKING or CANDLES are allowed in the bunkhouse or any other buildings on the farm.

NO FIREWORKS on the farm.

Booking of Gilfach Wen Barn entitles guests to use the holiday let, private garden and car park. It does NOT entitle guests to enter the farm, farm yard, or any farm building. The boundary between the bunkhouse car park and the area which is private is the corner of the under cover BBQ area across to the fence line by the edge of the old (unused) static caravan. Gilfach Wen Barn has its own private garden for the exclusive use of guests, and I am happy to give you advice on suggested walks if you wish to head out further. – If you wish to visit a farm there are special tourist attractions set up to provide this facility and comply with appropriate health and safety legislation.

Please do not drink from bottles or drinking glasses outside the building, there are a range of plastic glasses available in the kitchen cupboards. – Accidents happen, and its not practical to pick up every shard of glass when a bottle or glass gets broken in a field or garden, creating a hazard for future guests and grazing animals.

A firepit and seating is provided in the garden, guests are welcome to use these, but all fires must be contained within the burner provided, no logs to be balanced on or around the burner. No removal of the burner and construction of a bonfire in its place. (The reason there are ashes on the ground under the burner is to help protect the tree roots from heat from the burner. They are not an indication that guests can ignore this rule if they don’t feel like following it, the rule is there for the safety of guests and the trees they are sitting under.)

Dogs are welcome, but they must be on a lead at all times when on the property but outside the building. There are chickens and the farm cats roaming around the car park and outside the barn, and there are horses, sheep, pet rabbits and the pet goat in the fields next to the car park. I have had a ewe killed, farm cat killed, and chickens killed by guests dogs over the years, so have learned the hard way the importance in being strict at all times with this rule. Even an elderly dog can scare the animals and cause sheep to miscarry, or animals to run into fences. Anyone who allows a dog to roam will be asked to leave, immediately.

•Visitors with dogs are requested to not leave them alone in the building unless they have brought a dog crate with them and to clear up after them in the garden or if taking them for a walk on the property.

•Guests are welcome to play music in the garden during daylight hours. After dark guests using music systems and karaoke systems are asked to move them into the house, with the doors closed you can make as much noise throughout the night as you like without disturbing neighbours. Singing and playing music without amplification around the fire pit is fine after dark until 11pm.

All bedroom doors, the doors from the lounge and kitchen to the stairs and the door from the dining room to the front door are all fire doors with automatic closures. The fire brigade reviewed the plans for the building at the time of construction and specified this as a safety feature to enable safe evacuation of the building in the case of a fire. Do not wedge these doors open.

The downstairs doors are set to close slowly to accommodate the needs of wheelchair users or guests with limited mobility, Do not try to force them to close quickly.

I retain the right to enter the property and check on the number of people present, and to require additional people who have not paid for accommodation to leave.

•For the benefit of others it is expected that you will keep the place reasonably tidy, wash up and put your own gear away as you go along and clear your own litter into the bins provided. Please leave the kitchen and toilet areas as you would wish to find them and do not disturb bunks other than your own.

•Upon vacation of the barn, please leave it bunkhouse clean and tidy using the cleaning products provided and inform me of any damage or breakages.

•Recycling facilities are provided. Guests are expected to recycle where possible and will be provided with one ‘black’ rubbish bag for their stay. If you prefer to bring a roll of black rubbish bags with you and just put all your rubbish in them you are welcome to do so as long you take the rubbish home with you. I can only accept rubbish that complies with Carmarthenshire County Council rubbish collect procedures.

NO FOOD WASTE TO BE PUT IN ANY RUBBISH BAGS. There are food caddys and a compost bin available for food waste.

The only form of transport I provide fuel for as part of the services offered are equestrians. I do not provide motorists with petrol, diesel or electricity for vehicles as part of the services provided. Electric car owners must use a charging station, not presume that they can charge their vehicle at Gilfach Wen.

Booking use of the barn indicates acceptance of these conditions.