Covid -19

The Welsh Government have announced that Self Catering holiday lets can open from the 13th of July.   At present the rules in Wales specify that only one extended household  can book self catering accommodation.   This is different to the rules for England that allow 2 extended households to stay overnight together.


The Welsh Government have announced that from the end of August 2020  providing infection rates do not increase upto 4 households will be able to form an extended household and meet indoors.

Any household can only be a member of 1 extended household,  they are not allowed to change to a different extended household group.


Date for opening Gilfach Wen Barn


Due the rules and guidance published by the Welsh Government in response to Covid 19,    I am not currently accepting bookings before Christmas and New Year.   –   I intend  (if the regulations at the time permit)  to open the property for bookings by extended families for Christmas and New Year.  Please be aware that I will need written confirmation from the group leader that they are 1 extended household and will need the addresses of all members of the group.  –   The Welsh Government has put in place legislation so that businesses which permit guests to break the rules and guidance on Covid can be prosecuted.


Changes when I do reopen.


During this period of keeping the property closed I am working on improvements to the garden for Gilfach Wen Barn,   increasing the size and facilities,   and am working on a community project to map walks,   rides and routes for cyclists in the area.      –   I am also enjoying the opportunity to finally get on with the renovation of my house which has been on the backburner for such a long time.



I already have a reputation for taking a great deal of care with cleaning,   normally at least  12 hours of work cleaning plus laundry occurs between groups.   However,   I estimate that additional work of having to disinfect all hard surfaces,   and steam clean all  soft furnishings mean I will have to leave 30 plus hours between each group when I do finally reopen.