Covid -19

All of Wales is currently in Tier 4,   and all tourism businesses are required to be closed.

Date for opening Gilfach Wen Barn

I have currently set the calendar to allow bookings for catered sole use  of the property to be made from April onwards.  However,   like everyone else I am just guessing at this point.

Changes when I do reopen.

To increase the possibility of groups being able to stay  I am providing  a catered option.

During 2020 the Covid restrictions have been different for properties which provide catering  accommodation to self catering properties and campsites.  According to the tier system recently published by the Welsh Government,   even when we are in Tier 1  which is described as being near normal there will be a limit of 3 households sharing a single self catering property.

However,   tourism businesses where catering is provided and there is a member of staff in the property at other times of day,   can have one or more households staying per bedroom.  –   The reason given for the difference is simply the presumption that the presence of a member of staff will be sufficient to encourage people to respect social distancing between each household.     So by offering a catering service I can host a bookings from 7 different households sharing the property.  I need to make it clear that a member of staff would be required to  be present and if needed remind guests to observe the 2 meter separation distance between households.   So not back to normal,   but at least an opportunity for some groups to meet.

I also plan to construct a sheltered outdoor space for socialising and more outdoor facilities for cooking.

Returning to normal

I realise that it will be easier for groups of acquaintances with a common interest for example walking groups,  cycling,  running,  fishing clubs.   craft groups and people who are visiting the area for a training event,  to feel comfortable with the catered arrangement and a member of staff being present  in the property rather  than an extended family.

I am sure we are all looking forward to the day when the politicians feel that the vaccination program has progressed enough so that extended families can meet again.   It may be that along the way to that day restrictions will be in place of having to test negative before travelling,  or a period of self isolation before and after.   Whatever the hurdles,   and however long it takes.   when we do get there Gilfach Wen Barn will be available for self catering bookings again,  in the meantime I am also researching creating camping facilities as meeting outdoors has less restrictions than meeting indoors.