Bookings for 2021

Booking policy as we come out of Covid – 19 lock down.

I realise how important it is to everyone to get back to a semblance of normal life in 2021,  but we all want to do this as safely as possible.

The Welsh Government are responsible for setting the regulations for Wales and have chosen to not publish a road map for exiting lock down,  instead they have published a set of Alert Levels with associated restrictions.

The road map published by the English government in February 2021  is a road map for taking England out of lock down,   the dates listed are the earliest dates and within a short period  of its publication there was already reversals of some dates such as for International travel.

From trade organisations discussions with the English Government and the announcements by the Welsh Government  it appears to be likely that some social distancing restrictions will continue to be in place  for most of 2021.

Opening for guests.

The Welsh Government hopes that we will move to Alert Level 1 at some point in June,  but has not published a date for this change.    The Welsh Government has a system of different regulations at one of 4 Alert levels.   At Alert level 2,  two households (can be 2 bubbles)  can form 1 extended household and meet socially  indoors including share a self catering property .   While at Alert level 1 three  households (can be 3 bubbles)  can form 1 extended house and socialise together including sharing a self catering property.   –

“Near normal bookings”

I have been having many enquiries from groups of friends looking for a venue for a reunion or party. While the English Government have said they aim to lift all restrictions in June,  the Welsh Government have a more conservative opinion.  They have published guidance on what is required to open the accommodation under their “shared use”  regulations.

The property could in Alert level 1 also be booked on a per bedroom basis,  with upto 6 people from 6 households being permitted to share a bedroom.  Unfortunately Welsh Government will require restrictions on social distancing to remain in place.      The guests in each bedroom would not be permitted to socialise with or share meals with other guests.

The whole principle of a bunkhouse is a place for social gatherings,   and I do not believe I can provide a service sufficiently close to what people have come to expect under these restrictions.   That is why  I will only be taking bookings from extended households for sole use bookings.


The pricing structure for Gilfach Wen Barn is designed to be flexible during this period of variable restrictions on group sizes. There is one price for exclusive use for a group of 16 people which would be appropriate for a booking of  an extended household,  with the option of booking additional places if the households are large.


Cancellation policies.


As soon as the implications of the spread of Covid-19  became clear in March 2020 I offered every group who had advance bookings the option of cancelling with a full refund or postponing their booking.    I kept Gilfach Wen Barn closed for the rest of 2020 and the first half of 2021.

I strongly recommend that guests plan their stay according to the limits on the number of households who can socialise indoors.  .  For the sake of clarity,  each contract for a booking will be with the lead booker,  and that is to whom the contractual obligation arises.    It’s not a booking to a “group of people”  the transaction is the letting of Gilfach Wen Barn to the lead booker to use the property subject to  rules on maximum number of households who can socialise indoors  set  by the Welsh Government as well as my  other normal terms of use.   I am required under track and trace to record the addresses of all members of the group,   and am legally required to ensure that the Covid restrictions set by the Welsh Government are complied with.

Many travel insurance policies now include cover if people have to cancel their holiday due to having tested positive for Covid themselves,  or been instructed to self isolate because they or a member of their household/travel group have been in contact with someone who has tested positive. Therefore my normal cancellation policies will apply except if there are government regulations requiring the business to be closed.