Bookings for 2021

I realise how important it is to everyone to get back to a semblance of normal life in 2021,  but we all want to do this as safely as possible.

As soon as the implications of the spread of Covid-19  became clear in March 2020 I offered every group who had advance bookings the option of cancelling with a full refund or postponing their booking.    I have kept Gilfach Wen Barn closed for the rest of 2020.

Fully Catered Personalised Bookings.

Having looked at the Welsh Government plans for the Tier system,   I have developed a new personalised booking option for small groups for 2021,  combining my local knowledge with the skills of local businesses to provide activities and catering and to comply with the safety guidance for tourism published by Welsh Government.


For Walking,  Running,  Cycling and Riding groups and associations.     I can use my local knowledge of Brechfa Forest and Llanllwni Mountain  and the local country lanes to help you devise routes suitable for the abilities of your members.

For photograph and history clubs and associations,   I can advise on sites to visit.

For fishing clubs I can put you in contact with the local permit issuing authorities.

For crafting groups I can help you locate local sources of materials and even tutors.

I am putting together a list of tutors who will be willing to run courses here if you would like to

As a tourism ambassador for both Carmarthenshire and the Brecon Beacon National Park I keep up to date with information that could help people explore both areas,   and can assist whatever your groups interests are in planning group activities and also alternatives for the times when not everyone in the group shares the same interests.

Sadly the economic consequences of Covid-19 means that not all tourist attractions and activity providers will survive to reopen in 2021,   but at least I will be well placed to be able to help you locate those which survive and new start ups.


The catering for each group will be a personalised plan developed with a local chief.   The plans will take into account the activities  and aims of the group.  –

Runners and cyclists training for events will want a completely different menu to members of fitness clubs wanting to discard the lbs gained while working from home.

While the timing of the meals will depend on the activities.

Fortunately there is a local chief who is not only used to cooking here for groups but also has the facilities to prepare meals in his own kitchen for cooking here.

Size of groups

This will depend on what Tier we are in at the time.   –    But it is likely to be that each bedroom can accommodate one household.


As the level of support required to plan the activities and the menu for each group will be specific for that group the price will vary.  –   However,  I am working with the chief to produce some sample menu plans and prices.


As we all know the politicians are assuring everyone that the vaccination programs mean that life will be closer to normal from Easter,   so I am taking bookings for catered groups from the beginning of April.  –  If the plans have to change guests will be entitled to either a full refund or reschedule.

How to book catering stays.

Please contact me by email or phone to discuss your requirements.   If you have a specific date in mind then you can pencil those dates in using the online booking system,  but the price will be dependant on the service required and no booking is confirmed until a deposit of 20%  has been paid.

Self Catering bookings

The current regulations for self catering properties have the same limits on the number of households that apply to domestic properties.  –   Owners of large purpose designed self catering properties are lobbying for the size of the property to be taken into account,  but at present even when we reach Tier 1  the limit will be 3 households.     When restrictions started to be lifted in the summer of 2020 I received many enquiries from groups who were looking for a property owner that would turn a blind eye to them organising a gathering of more households  than were permitted under the rules.  Please be aware,  property owners can be fined up to £10,000 for permitting guests to stay who are not complying with the rules.    I will require evidence to support guests self certification that their booking complies with the Welsh Government Tier system in force.


I normally offer the option of setting up tents in the garden or a field to groups.    I have even in the past had a group who set up a full range of inflatable  games in one of the fields.   –   I had also planned to extend the garden  and create extra outdoor cooking facilities.     I am working on redesigning the plans for the garden so that the space will also be available so groups can camp and socialise outdoors.